Who We Are

Sisters Carpentry

Sister Carpentry is a residential construction company based on Waiheke Island.

The team comprise of three outgoing ladies. Georgie is a licensed building practitioner with 10+ years industry experience in renovations and ultra high-end architectural homes.
Lucy is training to be a builder as an apprentice for Sisters Carpentry.
And of course Luna, the team mascot, she has been on sites since she was 3 months old. Luna maintains team morale and keeps everyone happy and working hard.

We are passionate builders and value honest, hard work.

Georgie Founder

Lucy Builder in training

Luna K9 Builder's hand


Renovations, new builds, tiny homes and small spaces, decks, retaining walls, joinery, re-clads and much more.

Quality workmanship

Sisters have high standards, our work, our passion and our projects reflect our demand for quality workmanship.


Our Creative thinking and problem solving gives us a competitive edge. We design and build some out of the ordinary projects and love rising to the challenges we face along the way . It pays to choose a builder that enjoys challenge and has pride in their work .

Reduce waste

Sisters have a great respect for the planet. We do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle. We strive for minimal wastage, reusing everything we can and recycling what we can within the local community. This saves our client on materials and dump fees, reduces contribution to landfill and helps locals that can reuse items.


Kia ora, I am Georgie, founder of Sisters’ Carpentry.

A third-generation builder, building is in my blood. I walk in the footsteps of my grandfather, Dad, and uncles. Without a doubt, this is the best job on the planet.

I have over a decade of building experience on Waiheke Island, where I have trained and grown up.

Mentored by one of the best builders on the industry, I soon realised Waiheke is one of the best places to learn the trade. With so many holiday baches transformed into liveable homes, renovations are often like new-builds as these homes are adapted by modern architecture and specifications.

Building on Waiheke also brings unique challenges – special resourcing consent conditions, septic tanks, tree protection and complex supply chain issues.

You need to know the landscape and after a decade of working with the best, Sister Carpentry absolutely does.

As a person, I am known as an extraordinarily loyal, honest lass with a vibrant zest for life.  I have a bright, buoyant, and quirky sense of humour that makes every day special.

Growing up on Waiheke, I spent my spare time on the water, fishing, snorkelling, rowing, boating and windsurfing. I am a trained SCUBA Instructor and still lap up life on the water in my down time.

I attribute my skill and craft to my old boss, Dale, who mentored me closely one-on-one.  He was patient and methodical and tapped into my passion for this trade.

Back in those early days, a lot of chippies said my enthusiasm would fade, but ten years on I still love every single day on site.  Every Monday morning I’m excited to slip on my boots, strap on my tool belt and head out to build something new.

I love facing and overcoming challenges, problem solving, working with a team and the sense of accomplishment at the end of a job.   I love the simple stuff too, like the sound my hammer makes rattling around in its cradle.

Owning my own company has always been my dream. I bring a decade of building ultra-high-end, architectural homes on Waiheke.

Sisters’ Carpentry works seamlessly with our clients and the local industry. I’m incredibly proud of the work we do.  Yes, we build houses.  But what’s important to us is building meaningful relationships with our clients.  Our goal with every job, is to build what our clients envision, and we are happy to work tirelessly with dedication and commitment to achieve that.


Kia Ora I’m Lucy.

Ive arrived a little later in life to the building world after working as an outdoor educator, guide and a fair amount of travelling. 

I had always been intrigued by a building apprenticeship but it was the push and positive encouragement from Georgie that really helped me step into it- and every day I’m so thankful I did!

You’ll find me surfing whenever I can, getting groovy in the kitchen and getting pumped on nature and the outdoors always.

Each day I’m inspired massively by the step Sisters has created of more woman getting into the industry, and I’m so grateful and stoked to be apart of that.

The correlation between Sister’s and my own morals, environmental beliefs and appreciation of creativity couldn’t be more spot on! Plus I get to learn something new every day from such a talented builder.

After all of my years of travelling Sisters is one of my most exciting journeys of all.


Luna, the team mascot, a very obedient and happy Red Heeler.

Luna has been a builder’s hand since she was three months old.

Luna can Howl on demand, sing along to Happy Birthday, put her hands in the air if you pull a finger gun on her and if you pull the trigger she will pretend to die. She can climb ladders and scaffolding to get a better vantage point (or a scratch behind the ears).

Luna has an important job on site; she maintains team moral and keeps everyone happy while working hard. 

We would love to discuss your next project with you.

Please submit an enquiry via our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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